Martens Designs Toronto, 1200 mm mat zwart met indirecte verlichting rondom, aanzichtrand 5 mm

Artikelnummer: TOR1200
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€ 834,00 (inclusief btw)


The round mirror works well in almost any room in your home. The round mirror should not only serve as a decoration, but has to be practical as well. This is possible with LED lighting and mirror heating, for example. The round mirror provides a cheerful, playful and stylish look in your bathroom. A true trend that returns over and over again. A beautiful, small round mirror or a very large round mirror that makes your bathroom look bigger. Either way, the round mirror is an asset to your bathroom!

Decorate your stylish mirror with additional options. Consider, for example, a mirror with LED lighting, so that you have the ideal amount of light while shaving or applying makeup. A possible magnifying mirror helps even more. Mirror lighting is available with a touch switch or a sensor.

When you come out of the shower, the bathroom mirror is often fogged up so you can’t see anything anymore. If you then run a hand over the mirror, it will leave unsightly spots and streaks. With mirror heating you’ll no longer have to struggle with a fogged mirror. Built-in heating therefore saves you time and annoyance when you prepare early in the morning for a busy (working) day.

Bluetooth audio
A great option for music lovers is also available; a bluetooth audio set in your mirror, with a link to, for example, your phone. That’s a nice wake-up call when you take a shower in the morning! Fix your hair while you sing along or brush your teeth while dancing: this is how you start - or end - your day!

Digital clock
When you have a tight schedule, a digital clock in your mirror offers a solution. This way you know exactly what time it is.

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