Martens Designs Oslo, 1200 x 600 mm, 10 hoekige organische spiegel incl. indirecte verlichting

Artikelnummer: OS1200
Vorige Artikel 23 van 54 Volgende
€ 1.785,00 (inclusief btw)


Are you looking for an original, graceful and stylish mirror? Then choose a hexagon mirror! This shape of mirror is unique. Whether you choose a single large hexagon mirror or a chic mirror which consists of several smaller hexagon mirrors; this shape of mirror is truly a work of art and will definitely steal the show in your bathroom!

Decorate your stylish mirror with additional options. Consider, for example, a mirror with LED lighting, so that you have the ideal amount of light while shaving or applying makeup. A possible magnifying mirror helps even more. Mirror lighting is available with a touch switch or a sensor.

When you come out of the shower, the bathroom mirror is often fogged up so you can’t see anything anymore. If you then run a hand over the mirror, it will leave unsightly spots and streaks. With mirror heating you’ll no longer have to struggle with a fogged mirror. Built-in heating therefore saves you time and annoyance when you prepare early in the morning for a busy (working) day.

Bluetooth audio
A great option for music lovers is also available; a bluetooth audio set in your mirror, with a link to, for example, your phone. That’s a nice wake-up call when you take a shower in the morning! Fix your hair while you sing along or brush your teeth while dancing: this is how you start - or end - your day!

Digital clock
When you have a tight schedule, a digital clock in your mirror offers a solution. This way you know exactly what time it is.

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